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the best sensors
for agriculture

Sensors become IoT
Our IoT department is responsible for selecting the best sensor suppliers, adapting the devices to your needs and connecting them intelligently with each other and with the xFarm platform.

Internet of Things (IoT)is the characteristic that distinguishes xFarm sensors and means that the devices are interconnected and that they can communicate via the internet directly with your account.

If you want to check the environmental parametersof your company, you can couple the sensors to our Premium modules: from defense to irrigation, you get forecasts and intervention advice based on the conditions detected in the field.

XSense devices
connected weather stations


High efficiency panel
We install a compact but very effective photovoltaic panel on the weather stations, which allows us to collect energy even on less sunny days.


Long-lasting battery
The stations are equipped with a battery capable of storing enough energy for two weeks without power, continuing to operate even in bad weather.


International SIM
We ship xSense weather stations with a data sim already installed and compatible with most of the global telephone operators, from Europe to South America.


Magic pairing
The xNode devices will connect autonomously to your xSense station and you just need to enter your code in the app to connect it to your Farm.

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Integration with your Farm
The xSense stations communicate directly with your yourFarm account and allow you to view the data in a simple way, as well as being able to use them for advanced functions.

Your Farm IoT ecosystem

In agriculture it is not enough to have precise tools, resistance to bad weather and great flexibility of positioning are also needed. This is why we have created a communication ecosystem that allows your sensor to be connected directly to the platform, wherever they are located on your plots.

The xSense stations are equipped with a sim card that allows you to send data via GSM to the platform, while all the xNode modules use the LoRa wireless system, which allows very low battery consumption, up to ten kilometers of range (depending on the conditions environmental) and to connect up to 100 devices on the same network.

With yourFarm, even sensors for agriculture become simple and flexible!


XNode devices
agricultural IoT sensors


Resistant - IP67
XNode devices are designed to be positioned in the field and for this reason they are IP67 certified, i.e. protected from the ingress of dust and water resistant up to 1m depth.


XNode devices do not need a SIM as they use the LoRa connection to send all data to the xSense station

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Connected to tuaFarm
XNode devices communicate directly with your xFarm account and allow you to view data in a simple way, as well as being able to use them for advanced functions.

How to consult the data
Our sensors communicate via GSM with the platform, in order to collect the data and show them to you in one place: yourFarm.
If you have purchased one or more Premium modules compatible with our sensors, you can immediately start seeing the processing of the collected data. The data can be used for forecasting models, intervention advice and much more!

All your sensor data can be consulted on the platform, on any device: use the iOS, android app or the webapp https://farm-app.tuafarm.com to connect to your sensors even while you are away from home!


1. Alerts

2 Forecasting models


Expand your possibilities
connects the sensors to the Premium modules

Measure the water status of your fields using the xNode sensors and send all the data to the irrigation module: you will find out when and how much to wet, in order to save water, money and time!

3. Irrigation

Not just environmental parameters

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The sensors are included in the yourFarm packages

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