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terreno del giardino

FREE forever

Enter digital agriculture too: the  basic functions that any farmer should use are free forever on your farm


Run the business
in an efficient way

Nowadays you need to be fast and efficient, that's why we offer yourFarm for free : find out how digital can help you simplify farm management, saving you time and money, so you can focus more on your crops!
By creating an account
you will be able to access 13 different functions dedicated to cultivation, logistics, bureaucracy and agricultural machinery

Discover free forever features












Manage quickly
your plots

-Select the perimeter of your fields on the map, enter a name, the crop in the field and you are immediately ready to start!

-You can also add additional information, such as soil analyzes and divide them into groups to simplify their management.

-Your plots will be recorded in order to allow you to easily compile the logs of the workings (activities), export precise statistics and speed up business management



Fields and sensors

If you have one or more tuaFarm sensors, you will be able to see their position on the map and access a quick summary of the measurements.

After registering your fields in the appropriate section, you can view them with a satellite or cadastral view. You can also apply filters with different colors to find out their status. Click on a sensor or field to quickly read the statistics.

In a single screen, you have your entire company in view. With the filters you can also easily see how the crops are arranged, which fields have already been sown and which ones are owned.

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Record and schedule interventions in the field

With yourFarm you can plan future workings, record all the details of your work and fill in the campaign notebook quickly.

Register your activities in the field in a few clicks: select the type of work, the date, the field, the machinery used and complete the register with the remaining information you want to enter.



Notes and photos
not to forget anything

With yourFarm notes you can record memos, keep important photographs and share georeferenced information with your collaborators

Select a point on the map concerning the note, choose a title, a date and write your note. You can even attach files and photos!

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Campo di grano

Use your farm solutions for cereals





Inventory and stocks everywhere, even in the field

Whether you are in the field or at home, you have your warehouse inventory at your fingertips. At the end of the season you will also be able to view the movement history to find out when and how all the resources were used.

Create one or more separate warehouses, add the stored products, their details and register loads and unloadings.



Keep track
collection and transport

Digitally record all transports, so you can calculate the production of your fields, the quality of the crops and have a history of the contributions.
In addition, you can also attach the transport notes digitally!

Record company movements by adding a new load: select the crops, the fields involved and all the information you want to save, including humidity and crop quality.



Find technical means and fill out the register

Quickly check if you have a product in stock that is useful for the defense of your crop. Remember to always consult the safety data sheets of the products before using them.

Select your crop, the adversity and you can immediately access the list of products authorized for the defense of your product, their active substance and the percentage of active ingredient.


Use your farm solutions for fruit growing




Share access
with your collaborators

Allow your collaborators to access your Farm as well: in this way you can assign personal activities and speed up business management.

Add the name, qualification and email address of your collaborator and he will immediately receive an email to enter your yourFarm account.



Save time and space by digitizing your documents
All your documents are stored digitally, without costs and directly linked to the related event, whether it is a processing, a transport or any other activity.

When you register a load, a new field or an activity, you can click Attach to upload one or more files.



Create business reports
for PAC, tenders and controls

Use exports for checks, PACs and tenders, in order to summarize all the important information in a single document generated automatically and quickly.

Select one or more fields to quickly export a business activity report. You can choose between different formats, filter the information to be entered and the form of the document



Use your farm solutions for fruit growing





Manage the maintenance of your fleet

With yourFarm you can register your fleet in a simple and fast way: select or upload a photo, insert brand and model, add the most important information and that's it! You will also be able to mark maintenance activities, breakages and checks to always keep your machinery in excellent condition.

Mark maintenance and breakages to note when the interventions were made and how much they cost, match your machinery to the activities in the field to find out how much work they have done and digitize instruction booklets and statistics to keep everything at hand.



View the data
collected by the sensors

Connect the IoT xFarm sensors to the platform and view all the information collected in a single screen. You will be able to see in a simple and clear way the current environmental parameters, the history and if you use an xSense station with xCam you can also view your field in real time.

View all the environmental parameters in one place, in order to improve irrigation, defense and harvesting, choosing the right moment to enter the field.

We offer you a complete line of sensors suitable for all your needs: automatically collect the important meteorological data for your company and use them for business management or coupled with our advanced Premium modules.


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Configurazione del lavoro da casa
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Direct chat
with our

The suaFarm staff is ready to answer you in 5 different languages: Italian, English, Spanish, French and German. Not only are we farmers like you, we also speak the same language!

The direct support of your Farm is accessible to all users, both with Premium or Professional modules, and for those who use the free version.


Use your farm solutions for rice cultivation

You too can enter digital agriculture : the basic functions of your Farm  they are free forever