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We help you be more efficient, thanks to the use of a simple and complete digital platform.

tuaFarm was created to meet your needs, because they are ours too. We wanted a single service, accessible both from computers and mobile devices, which included all the functions our companies needed: we created it and today we make it available to all farmers who want to enter digital agriculture!


All integrated

tuaFarm covers all the needs of agricultural activities in an intelligent and integrated way.


Decision support

Get action recommendations based on the data entered on the platform to improve irrigation, defense, fertilization and much more.



Our line of sensors selected, connected and optimized for agriculture is coupled to the platform.



Precision agriculture

With yourFarm you can push your farm to the limits of efficiency thanks to the integrated features of Precision Farming.

Why manage your company with your Farm














Free features

Enter digital agriculture now:
the 16 basic functions that every agricultural entrepreneur should have at their fingertips are free forever with your farm!


Premium modules

Make the most of the platform: we offer you our Premium modules, which allow you to amplify the benefits of digital in agriculture by reaching new levels of efficiency!


Compatible IoT sensors

Automate data collection:
choose from dozens of sensors selected, optimized and connected to xFarm. You will be able to collect important environmental information and cross them with our modules to improve agrotechnics.


Professional services

The solution for professionals:
if you are not a farmer, but want to optimize the agri-food supply chain, we have three levels of digitization that allow you to make full use of the value of data in agriculture.

These are the basic functions free forever


Field management
Map and land registry
Activity log



Hours worked


Digital warehouse
Phytosanitary products
Silos management


Company file
Country notebook
Documents for PAC


download the App!

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Expand the features
with advanced modules


Choose your composition: enrich the free functions with innovative and integrated Premium modules.

- Precision agriculture
- Forecasting models
- Traceability


Souzioni your Farm

Farmers  Associations  Cooperatives  Contractors  Dealers  Agronomists  Industries  Insurance

Blockchain certifications
agri-food products

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 Blockchain certifications for the  traceability

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Click or frame this  QR code to see the history of a vegetable product tracked on the Blockchain.

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Click or frame this  QR code to see the history of a garden product traced in the Blockchain

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Increase trust in your brand!
The tool that guarantees the intrinsic qualities and characteristics of your products

What are the advantages with Blockchain certifications?

The provenance and origin of the products are certified with geolocation of the production field, you can see the specifications and check when and how they were applied, you can see who and when who cultivated and brought the product to maturity at work, all the production processes can be notarized.

The consumer can know everything about the product he is buying, with the awareness that what is declared on the label actually corresponds to the reality certified in Blockchain. This is a great leap in quality, the immutability and transparency from the Blockchain allow anyone to verify the chronological correspondence of the certified phases, with the consequent increase in consumer confidence.

The Blockchain is also an effective tool to combat food counterfeiting!

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Schermata 2021-09-20 alle 15.07_edited.jpg
Schermata 2021-09-20 alle 15.07_edited.jpg
Schermata 2021-09-20 alle 15.07_edited.jpg
Schermata 2021-09-20 alle 15.07_edited.jpg
Schermata 2021-09-20 alle 15.07_edited.jpg
Schermata 2021-09-20 alle 15.07_edited.jpg
Schermata 2021-09-20 alle 15.07_edited.jpg
Schermata 2021-09-20 alle 15.07_edited.jpg
Schermata 2021-09-20 alle 15.07_edited.jpg
Schermata 2021-09-20 alle 15.07_edited.jpg

the production process can be verified by consumers and by all the players in the supply chain, who thanks to these solutions have access to the certified history of the product via a dynamic QR code.

This tool is basically a "Ledger" in which production information is consequentially recorded, supported by video photos and technical documentation, which once registered in the Blockchain become unchangeable and perennial.  A concerted action to protect  products of excellence, the ability to secure this information, linked and recorded in a consequential and unchangeable way, makes this technology a necessary tool for the development of agri-food and the protection of Made In.




QR code

The control panel allows you to view the trend of the QR code scan statistics in real time, to see where your codes are scanned, along with the days in which they were scanned and how many new and total scans they receive.


Raccolta dell'uva
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download the App!

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