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One application for all your activities

Fast, visual, simple and complete


The platform you were looking for
all the power of digital agriculture in one app 

Created by farmers
for farmers


tuaFarm arises from the need to be able to exploit the advantages of digital technology in agriculture, in a smart, economical and intuitive way. For this we have created a single platform, accessible from any device and equipped with dozens of different modules.

All the basic functions are free and dozens of premium features await you to manage your business even better.




Enter the world of digital agriculture right away: your farm has all the basic functions free forever



Buy only what you need - choose from the four packages available.



Designed to be used anywhere, you can use your Farm on smartphones, computers and tablets



Born in the field to satisfy all the needs of farmers and constantly improved with the help of its users.


Enter digital agriculture,
use the free functions of your farm now!

Nowadays you need to be fast and efficient, that's why we offer yourFarm for free: find out how digital can help you simplify farm management, saving you time and money, so you can focus more on your crops! By creating an account you will be able to access 16 different functions dedicated to cultivation, logistics, bureaucracy and agricultural machinery. Keep scrolling to find out what you can do with your free your Farm account.


All processing
under your control


A simple and intuitive interface will allow you to control your fields and activities:
- Map : view all your fields from satellite and cadastre
- Fields : read the details of your plots
- Activities: quickly record and schedule work in the field
- Notes : Record reminders about an activity or at a point in the field



Control and manage
company logistics


Record and control everything you keep in the company, from silos to plant protection products:
- Warehouse : An inventory of what you have accessible wherever you are
- Loads: track transportation and collection
- Products: Research which plant protection products you can use based on crop and pest



Digitize and speed up
business management


Use digital features to better manage documentation and bureaucracy:
- Export : company and activity reports for controls, PACs and tenders
- Documentation :
save your documents online saving money, time and space
- Roles : share access to your Farm with your collaborators



Integrate and manage
machinery and sensors


With yourFarm you can keep your fleet under control and pair sensors to collect weather data automatically:

- Machinery : records and plans maintenance interventions
- Environment : easily view your sensor data



tuaFarm Support
fast, direct and free

With the free account you have access to  tuaFarm Support : our fast and functional assistance service based on a direct chat, available both from the website and from the app, on any device. Write us a message to receive a quick reply, 7 days a week



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Expand the potential,
discover the premium modules tuaFarm!


Have you tried the free version of your Farm and would you really like to take full advantage of digital? Discover our modular platform implementation system - find out which package is right for you. Whether you want to simplify business administration, agronomic management or approach precision agriculture, we have dozens of modules ready to satisfy you and the list will continue to grow with new partners and new features.

Scroll down the page to find out what you can do with your Premium modules for your farm


Precision agriculture

Use the data
to improve efficiency

Collect data through sensors and interfaces to develop decision supports, maps and forecast models able to give you personalized advice for your plots.

- Irrigation
Receive irrigation advice based on your sensors, program watering and activate the systems.

Obtain prescription maps to carry out variable rate fertilization that enhance the diversity of the plots

Find out how to use plant protection products through the database and when to intervene through forecasting models based on your sensors.

- Machinery
Use telemetry to check vehicle performance, send prescription maps and allocate fuel costs.


Administration and finance

Simplify management
through smart modules

New modules designed to simplify the activities of the agricultural entrepreneur, expanding the potential of the basic functions and integrating them with intelligent processing.

Business Administration
Check staff, export customized reports based on your needs and make sure company records are in good standing.

Analyze income and expenses to manage the company budget and compare different crops, also keeping an eye on market prices.

Access advanced features for the crop planning of activities and the entire production season.

Check the capacity, quality and filling percentage of your silos in real time


Weather and satellites

Get accurate and timely data
through sensors and satellites

Access weather forecasts and satellite maps that can help you plan crop interventions.

Check the weather forecast, get advice on optimal sowing windows and water management, all based on local and reliable data.

View satellite maps for Precision Agriculture, process them and send them directly to your machinery.

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Blockchain certifications

Quality certified on the Blockchain public network

Certify the quality of your productions through notarization  on the public Blockchain network.

Increase the trust consumers have in your brand!

It is the tool that guarantees the intrinsic qualities and characteristics of your products

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New modules for a service
more and more complete

- Farm
Stables logistics, smart feeding, economic reports, animal welfare, production quality and much more.

Production forecasting
Models and analysis of your data to predict plot yields and crop value.

Data analysis to provide studies and certifications on its activities, usable to enhance the final products.

Much more
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Enter digital agriculture too : register and start managing your company right away, it's free, forever