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Certify any digital resource in the Blockchain in real time, always online with the   "save to IPFS" option.
Although the user side procedure is easy and intuitive, behind the simple click there is a technological process managed by smart contracts executed on the public and decentralized network WAVES (PoS), the fast ecological Blockchain network   ( low energy consumption).

How does it work?

An asset is any file of any size and format, the signature of a digital asset is created via RELY Track, the signature is a unique value for each resource that is created using a cryptographic hash function that accepts an input and returns an alphanumeric string of fixed size. The string is called a "hash value".
The process is one-way, which means that the certified document on the Blockchain cannot be reproduced by the hash value. If the document is changed the hash value changes. Therefore, if you get a hash value from the original document, you can always check the originality of the document by comparing the hash values. A match between the values means that the document is identical to the original, a mismatch between the hash values means that the document is different from the original, therefore NOT authentic!
Once a certification transaction has been performed in a public Blockchain network, the content cannot be forged, destroyed or modified and is therefore immutable.


How much?
The cost for each certification is 850 RELY + 50 RELY of fee transaction, the cost for permanent storage on IPFS is 850 RELY (optional).
choose here  under the plan that suits you, or buy the quantity of RELY you want with the reloads of 100 RELY (or multiples of 100) ._ cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

(1 RELY = 0.008 Euro cents)

Look at our plans

As a welcome gift we offer the first certification with the Free plan for free.