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Violet round eggplant
LOT:  # S012R21

From Italy - CARBONIA (SU) Departure date: 13/08/2021
Distance traveled: 8 km, Means of transport: Rubber
Point of sale: SPACCIO LE CORK - Location: CARBONIA (SU)Delivery date: 13/08/2021


Producer: Tenuta Le Sughere
09013 Carbonia (SU) Italy

Mappa Tuafarm.png
Processo produttivo
Tecnica di coltivazione

This product was grown in a "synergistic garden" without the use of any fertilizer or chemical additive, only water with drip irrigation was used. 
The study was carried out in order to create a certification protocol of the production phases on a public Blockchain network, which has the ability to guarantee consumers and all participants in the supply chain that the product
  is actually and corresponds to what is described on the label, without the possibility of falsification!
The decentralized Public Blockchain guarantees
  transparency, security and immutability of data and information  registered in it.  The data and photo / video supports created during the production processes were recorded on the Blockchain  and permanently notarized on IPFS


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